We are a team who love our city and it’s pubs

We also love telling stories over a beer.

Uncovering the history of a place, discovering its characters, myths, legends and bringing that to life through storytelling is what we’re good at.

We’re self-confessed history and beer nerds, and we created Dave’s Pub Walks to provide fun, informative and laid back tour experiences for anyone keen to learn a little bit more about Sydney’s colourful history, with a drink or three thrown in for good measure!

Focusing on some of Sydney’s most historic neighbourhoods, including the legendary Rocks, the underbelly of Balmain, the gangster’s paradise of old Surry Hills and the even the City’s thieving past, Dave’s Pub Walks delves into the murk with stories you won’t find in the history books.  

We look forward to sharing a few stories and a drink with you.


Owner & Tour Dude – We’ve talked enough about Dave, the important thing to know about him is that he’s got you covered for all your local beer discovery needs and he is a fan of all beer styles, even the funky ones!


Head Guide, Historian and Beer Fan – Ever met a dude who could tell a tale, spin a yarn and everything he said seemed true.  And even more so, when he’s just bought you a beer? Well Gregg is that guy and we’re stoked that he’s with us bringing his enthusiasm for history and beer to help more people learn all about our city’s history and our local pubs.  When not guiding, he’s pretty much either watching football or having a beer, or both.


Guide & Marketing Genius – Keeping the boys on the straight and narrow or running a muck and leading the charge to the front row at any concert, Sue is a big beer fan and loves a tall tale or 2.  Following a stint in the Pacific North West she decided that beer was where she wanted to be.  And we’re very glad she did as she helps us bring to life our visions of greatness in all things beery travel.

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