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This Week we a look at a different take on Father’s Day.


Father’s Day is celebrated at different times all over the world, but one nation seems to be doing it right, they are of course the Germans.

Father’s Day in Germany is also known as Men’s Day and the traditional way to honour the Old Man is with beer.  The day is more about celebrating manhood and going out into nature in “gentlemen parties” (Herrenpartien). The gentlemen on these parties haul decorated Bollerwagen (handcarts) filled to the brim with grog and grub.

The tradition dates back to the 18th century as a way to celebrate Jesus returning to the Holy Father. Men would ride into town on carts or carriages and whoever had produced the most children would be rewarded with a big slice of ham, according to our research (talking to Germans in pubs).

Its a lot less about religion these days seems and more about ‘being a man’ (and a cliched German) through drinking, smoking and hiking. There even seems to be evidence (the internet) of women dressing up as blokes just so they too can get a cart and drink beer all day.

We at Dave’s are happy for everyone to celebrate Father’s Day in whatever way they wish, but if you don’t live in Germany, or don’t have ready access to a wheelbarrow full of stubbies, then just get Dad a voucher for one of our Pub Walks or a Brewery Tour.  On any Dave’s Tour, Dad can pretend he is German for the day by wearing all the bad socks you’ve bought him with sandals.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s and aspiring Dad’s out there from the whole team at Dave’s.

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